5 Questions with ACT Software Engineer Dana Good

Arthrex Software Engineer Dana Good at her desk in the Santa Barbara location.

What does a typical day at Arthrex look like for you? 

As lead software engineer at the start of a large project, I do a lot of coordinating with other teams and departments. I also provide leadership on regulatory and architectural parts of the software. And soon I’ll get to start doing some software development on the project. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Two things—the people and the project. The people here are just uniformly fun to work with — a bunch of bright people putting really interesting projects together. I couldn’t ask for a better work environment. I love that our mission statement is simple and keeps everyone focused on what’s truly important: Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™. 

The project itself has enough moving parts and new technology to keep us all interested. It is a collaboration of team members from a wide array of disciplines: software, electrical, mechanical, systems and quality engineering; software quality assurance; and reliability, manufacturing and regulatory groups from within both Arthrex Inc. and ACT. 

It's a great project and an opportunity for the team to create something that I think can knock the socks off surgeons, whether they are current or future customers. It is really an opportunity to shine in this area. We have a solid customer base with our existing Synergy system, but we’re working to add new features and increase reliability to make it even better. 

What has been a highlight during your time at Arthrex? 

One of the most wonderful things about Arthrex is the cross-discipline nature of the work here. I work not just with my own team, but with a lot of different people both at ACT and at [Arthrex Global Headquarters]. I spent three months living in Santa Barbara, and I’ve traveled to Arthrex Inc. in Naples twice. Traveling and coordinating with my coworkers has been such a pleasure. It feels like this is the place I’m supposed to be. 

Our core value is Making People Better. How has Arthrex made you better? 

The single thing I’ve had to improve at most is multitasking, rather than just concentrating on the development side of things. It requires a lot of coordination and transitioning from aspect to aspect of the project. That has been a challenge for me, and I’ve had some success at it, which is good for me and for the project! 

What do you do in your downtime? 

I enjoy reading, kayaking, playing pickleball, spending time with my family and playing bridge. 

Career Opportunities

At Arthrex, passion for technology and the development of innovative software applications intersect. Our software professionals understand the key role they are playing in helping advance evidence-based medicine. Join one of our software engineering teams and start making a difference.

Date Posted
Job ID
IT User Support Specialist I
November 29, 2022
Naples, FL
IT User Support Specialist I
November 29, 2022
Fort Myers, FL
Sr SAP UI Software Developer
November 29, 2022
Naples, FL
Software QA Engineer II
November 18, 2022
Naples, FL
IT User Support Technician II- Asset Management
November 21, 2022
Naples, FL
Business Systems Analyst Lead
October 26, 2022
Naples, FL
DevOps Engineer Sr II
October 19, 2022
Santa Barbara, CA
Sr. Software Engineer - Salesforce
October 6, 2022
Naples, FL/ Waltham, MA or Remote
Realtime Software Developer II
September 23, 2022
Naples, FL
Business Analyst II- Marketing
September 20, 2022
Naples, FL
SAP Basis Administrator II
September 20, 2022
Naples, FL
Sr. Software Engineer
September 12, 2022
Naples, FL
Boston or Remote -Sr Software Engineer - AWS Platform
September 20, 2022
Waltham, MA, or Remote
Business Systems Analyst II
September 12, 2022
Naples, FL
Sr Infrastructure Analyst Firewall
August 10, 2022
Naples, FL
Sr 1 Application Analyst FICO
July 5, 2022
Naples, FL